Community Tips and Guidelines

Here are a few tips to help keep our Community a great place to be:

  • Please Be Respectful
    Please respect your fellow members and reviewers.
  • Restaurant Reviews
    When you share a review, please be thorough when possible. We offer several easy question/answers to get you started. Please keep your reviews constructive and respectful.
  • Restaurant Discussions
    When you make discussion or reply to Reviews, please stay on topic.
  • We Keep Things in Good Shape
    If we feel there is a better Food Category for your Review, we may move your review to a different Category.
  • No Cyber Bullying
    Harassment, insults, personal attacks, and over-the-top negativity won’t be tolerated.
  • No Spam or Advertising
    Please do not post ads or spam. Nobody likes spam. This includes posting the same message to as many people as possible.