Food for Thought

 We love this article from  What can I do to protect the animals, go to their website to read article, Animal Millionaire

Become an advocate for Veganism and for the animals. Alone if you become vegan you can save around 4000 animals in your lifetime, although if you become an advocate you can convince enough people to become vegan and possibly save a million animals. 

There is a great organization called Vegan Outreach. If you contact them they will give you all the resources you need to become an Animal Millionaire. Even if you only convince one other person you will have possibly saved another 4000 animals. 

Recommended Reading

slaughterhouses will never be humane, and besides, they shouldn’t exist, lets shut them down! go vegan.

Slaughterhouse: The Shocking Story of Greed, Neglect, and Inhumane Treatment Inside the U.S. Meat Industry 

The Great Vegan Protein Book: Fill Up the Healthy Way with More than 100 Delicious Protein-Based Vegan Recipes - Includes - Beans & Lentils - Plants - Tofu & Tempeh - Nuts - Quinoa