Food for Thought

80% of all antibiotics sold in the US are given to livestock and poultry, the majority aren’t even sick. Easier and cheaper for the industry to feed them antibiotics than maintain a clean and healthy environment. 

If you are vegan, how does that effect you. Giving antibiotics to healthy animals kills off weak bacteria and creates an environment for antibiotic resistant bacteria to grow. The bacteria  spreads easily out of the farms and into the community. When you get sick by contracting this "superbug" the current antibiotics may not work for you. 

Antibiotic resistance tests: The bacteria in the culture on the left are susceptible to the antibiotics contained in the white paper discs. The bacteria in the culture on the right are resistant to most of the antibiotics.

In addition to being sick longer and possible hospitalization the “superbug” adds $26 billion to our health care costs. 

The NRDC successfully sued the FDA to issue mandatory rules that will help stop this unhealthy practice by the livestock and poultry industry but they still need your help.

Please click on this link and sign the petition to help the NRDC continue to help keep the animal industry on track.

Another way to eliminate these unsafe practices is to Go Vegan, or if you already are, spread the word, show people how much healthier you are and the environment will be.

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