Food for Thought

Mark Devries, a documentarian who directed Speciesism The Movie about the mistreatment of “farm animals, took the footage. You can see the footage and also read more information about the film on his website.

The pool of waste is untreated pig feces and urine.  In North Carolina alone there are over 2000 fields of sewage. 

Steve Wing, PHD, professor of epidemiology from The University of North Carolina said the waste is created by the thousands of pigs kept in horrid conditions in buildings next to the waste fields. The excrement flows untreated right out of the floor of the buildings into the fields. 

The fields of feces and urine eventually fill up and then they are emptied by using super sized garden sprayers that turns the liquid into fine droplets that is sprayed into the air and carried by the wind sometimes into populated neighborhoods. 

Dr Wing calls this “Environmental racism”.  People of color and of low income are the ones who can’t afford to move live in the neighborhoods .  

A number of studies found asthma, upper respiratory, and blood pressure problems among people who live in these neighborhoods. 

That this is allowed by the Government of North Carolina is almost more frightening and disturbing that the fields themselves.  Aside from filing law suits to stop this malicious and horrid behavior the most permanent solution is to Go Vegan.

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