Food for Thought

Milk does NOT do a body good.

Swedish researchers recently released a new study in the British Medical Journal, that followed over 60K women for 20 years and 45K men for 11 years to access the risk of cow’s milk. 

Women who drank more than 3 glasses per day had a 60% increased risk for developing a hip fracture,  a 16% increased risk for developing any bone fracture,  a 15% increased risk for heart disease and a 7% increased for cancer. 

Men had a 10% increased risk of dying when consuming 3 glasses of milk compared to one glass of milk.

Milk does NOT have naturally occurring Vitamin D, but it does contain cholesterol and saturated fat. The Vitamin D you ingest from drinking milk occurs because it was added to the milk. 

If you want healthier bones you need to exercise, reduce sodium and increase fruits and vegetables to obtain adequate calcium.  You also do need Vitamin D which allows more calcium to be absorbed by your body although the best way to obtain Vitamin D is through sunlight. 5 to 15 minutes per day is enough depending on the weather and your skin tone. Of course you can alway take vitamin D supplements. 

Milk does NOT do a body good, plenty of “real” ways to keep your body healthy.

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