Food for Thought

Main source of Information gathered from a NY Times Editorial on February 1, 2016.

On January 1st 2016 The North Carolina legislature decided that since they couldn’t pass an “ag-gag” law restricting whistle-blowers in only the animal agricultural industry since it would be “unfair” to other industries they passed an “ag-gag” law that restricted all whistle-blowers in all workplaces in the state.  

So now if a Federal Lawsuit doesn’t stop The North Carolina Legislature, (a majority are republican, supposedly pro Constitution, when it suites them,) whistle-blowers will not be able to report abuse in the animal agricultural industry and also in other abuse prone industries. For instance, nursing homes, day care centers and veterans’s facilities will become more vulnerable than they already are.

The animal agricultural industry lobbyists pushed hard for this law since they know what happens inside their factories and slaughterhouses and are afraid the truth will leak out to the general public even though organizations such as PETA and Mercy for Animals  send in undercover personal to film the abuses and the videos are readily available on their sites.  Just to give you an idea, if watching the videos would be too disconcerting:  Cows too bloated and ill to walk are dragged, pigs are stabbed and beaten and chickens are hurdled against walls and kicked to death and these are just some of the abuses. 

Please watch the videos, important to know what happens to other sentient beings, regardless if you are a vegan and an animal rights advocate or not. If you are not, this certainly will convince you to become one. 

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A Mercy for Animals video exposing abuse at a Burger King Dairy Supplier. Caution, Very Graphic.