Food for Thought

Many videos of slaughterhouse practices exist although this one is unique because it also shows the reactions of people watching the video. Their faces tell as much of a story as the actual footage inside the slaughterhouse. 

Slaughterhouse video, click here.

If you have a strong stomach and can deal with graphic scenes of animal torture then keep watching after the 1 minute 33 section mark. Text shows up on the screen at that point so you have a couple of seconds to stop the video. 

If you eat meat, try to make yourself watch the whole video. This is what happens to a helpless harmless animal so you can enjoy your perfectly cooked steak. Maybe this will change your mind and you will go vegan

Most people have no idea what happens in between the classic image of a beautiful peaceful cow and a steak, pure hell for both the cow and the unfortunate individuals who work in these factories.  

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