Food for Thought

Peta runs open-admission shelters across the country. These shelters accept any animals under any conditions although if the animals are aggressive, sick, elderly and/or at death’s door and an appropriate home will never be found for them Peta will euthanize them. 

From Peta’s website: “When an aggressive, unsocialized dog has been left to starve at the end of a chain with a collar grown into his neck and his body racked with mange, PETA will spare him from dying slowly and miserably in someone's backyard. We never turn our back on animals who need help, even if the best we can offer them is a peaceful release from an uncaring world.”

I agree with them and if I personally had to euthanize an animal that was suffering without any chance of becoming well and/or spending the rest of its life horribly suffering I would do it. I realize that to some this may sound cruel and unnecessary and so please, I would love to hear about any realistic and practical alternatives since at this point in time I have not.

Peta has and will continue to receive criticism for some of its different practices although it is my opinion the criticism for this policy is unwarranted. They do what they can to find homes for homeless animals and provide sterilization, etc. although this overwhelming problem that has been caused by our society’s disregard for domesticated animals is way too large for any one or even many humane organizations to solve.

The animal agricultural industry has decided to exploit Peta’s practice of euthanizing, misrepresenting it as cruel and unnecessary, to “punish” them for exposing the animal agricultural industry for their intentional abuse and murder of healthy, harmless animals.

One of the most well know organizations they fund is called Center for Consumer Freedom, (absurd), run by Richard Berman and funded by KFC, Outback Steakhouse, cattle ranchers and other like minded companies that murder domesticated farm animals under the pretense that humans need animal meat for protein, which has been proven to be scientifically incorrect. Phillip Morris also contributes money to CFC. How fitting that a company providing one of the most addicting and dangerous cancer causing products on earth is giving money to an organization whose end products also greatly endangers people’s health.

So CFC is pretending to oppose Peta for its euthanizing practices although in reality they are just attacking them for exposing the horrible reality behind the animal agricultural industry. 

I continue to support Peta for its euthanizing practices until a humane solution can be found for the millions of suffering animals with no place to call home. 

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