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    Start your day with a delicious and healthy vegan smoothie.
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  • Rainbow Smoothie

    This is a rainbow vegan smoothie recipe from Lifeismylemonade that I am using to help get nutrition in before school for my busy teen. What are some of your tricks for a quick on the go health drink?

    It's hard to get kids to eat healthy. One of the challenges Girl Scouts presented to the girls was a nutrition mission.  We decided as a troop to accept the challenge. One month of drinking water versus soft drinks and trying to get in the fruit and veggies.  I think it was harder on the adults who were supporting the girls than the girls due to lack of caffeine.  Over the month the girls tracked their fruits and veggies and as a treat at the end they got together for smoothie night.

    Kale adds vitamins but no flavor.



    Rainbow smoothie

    Rainbow Smoothie



    Rainbow Smoothie- Including all of the colors means including more vitamins and minerals.


    Red-3 strawberries

    Orange-3 small carrots and 1 cup of orange juice

    Yellow-1 small banana

    Green-1 cup kale

    Blue-1/2 cup of blueberries

    Purple-3 blackberries

    White for the clouds-8oz vanilla yogurt



    Rainbow smoothie in blender

    Kale add vitamins however it doesn't add a weird taste. The best part is the girls loved the smoothies and actually make them at home now.  Plus they get to check off their Eat Right badge requirements and earned another badge.

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