Chipotle Vegan Options

Chipotle has a new Vegan/Vegetarian option and it was worth the wait! Sofritas are being added to their menus across the country.I first heard about Sofritas being added by a friend in New Jersey in June. I went to see if our location had them and at first they did not.A few months behind New Jersey but they were finally added to our location. They are delicious! In Indiana they are made with a decent kick of spice. They are so flavorful that the employees said they are noticing more of their meat eaters changing to Sofritas.

Restaurant Type: Fast Food
10430 Us Hwy 36, Avon, IN 46123 United States
10430 Us Hwy 36
United States
Phone Number:
Website Address:
Pricing: Inexpensive
Quality of Service: Great
Quality of Food or Drink: Delicious
Attire: Very Casual
Good for Kids: Yes
Customer Category: All
Outdoor Seating: Yes
Dancing: No
Ambiance: Eclectic
Wi-Fi: Yes
Drive-Thru or Take-Out: Take-Out
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