I'm a little eccentric when it comes to pets. I have a lot. Though, recently, I reduced my flock due to 2 very aggressive Pekin Ducks, They were making everyone else miserable and stressed. After I spent $90 on a little Mallard, I decided it was time for these guys to find a new home.

When my flock was new, I kept them in the house for 3 months! (9 birds!) When the little Mallard couldn't take it anymore, he came back into the house. He was lonely, so I had to bring in a chicken he had imprinted on.

One of our little ducks got attacked in the winter of 2012 :(

So.. that brings me to 6 Wyandotte hens (I'm not vegan, we eat eggs and other animal products), 1 Wyandotte rooster, 1 Mallard drake, 1 Mixed Breed Duck hen (she is black and white), 1 15 yr.old Cockatiel, 3 male, yellow tabbies, 1 female brown tabby, 1 box turtle, and a tank full of guppies and snails. It is a lot of work! We still want a llama, Nubian goat, or Alpaca. 

If you are doing the math that is 15 pets plus a tank full of fish.

That doesn't include 3 stray cats  and a pond where I put all my turtle saves :) The pond has some very friendly catfish too!

What about you? How many pets do you have?

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