I am trying to connect with more vegans about my services. You can view me on fb at Ramona Adelle Cadogan to get to know me.I am a vegan Olympic weightlifter who took second place in the Master's Division at the USA National Championships. I do vegan personal training, coaching, meal planning for athletes/nonathletes raw vegan/vegan, fitness prep . I am the NY ambassador for Team Green at www.officialteamgreen.com I do this in person or online globally. I am featured in these two articles.http://alkhalife.info/content/vegan-health-and-fitness-athlete-olympic-weightliftingThis link too. UrbanNaturale.http://urbannaturale.com/naturally-speaking-interview-vegan-coach-and-personal-trainer-ramona-cadogan/Please let me know of your interest.